Single Phase Hoist

Single-phase 220v chain electric hoist, its characteristic is that it including motor,motor reducer,chain,hook,control box bracket,electric control box,remote control and chain bag.The characteristics is described in the asynchronous motor the single-phase 220v brake capacitor motor;Described reducer using secondary reducer, including gear reducer, the level of transmission gear box, the secondary drive gear, the leading chain institutions and lifting chain wheel, primary transmission gear and secondary drive gear device in the reducer housing, primary drive gear and single phase 220v asynchronous brake motor connected to the motor shaft, lifting chain wheel device in the secondary drive gear on the output shaft;The secondary drive gear overload clutch on the driven gear of the devices.The utility model is suitable for the single-phase 220v low voltage of power supply 24v indirect control, 125 ~ 1000 kg series small light lifting equipment.Expand the application field of light small crane.

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