Stage Electric Chain Hoist 3P/380V/50HZ,1P/110V/220V/50HZ

WOKAITE Stage Electric Chain Hoist features

1.High efficiency, light motor, non-asbestos brake system, low energy consumption.
2.Stamping steel structure housing, light and strong.
3.High strength safety hook, accidental overload under impact will not break, only gradually deformation when overweight.
4.With molding chain bag, light, beautiful and durable.
5.Limit switch: the condole hang has limit switch device, the machine automatically stop, prevent chain beyond, to ensure safety.
6.Heat treatment, forming steel chain plate.
7.Simple operation, easy to maintain.
8.With positive and negative two-way and all-weather use and design.
9.Equipped with adjustable screw limit switch, higher reliability.
10.Lubricating oil in a gear box, prevent oil droplets to infiltrate the stage.
11.Stage hoistmotor seal in aluminum rims cylindrical shell, permanent motor.
12.Suitable for connected to various controller and circuit distributor.
13.Dual braking system, ensure the operation safety.

stage chain hoist,stage hoist


Capacity 1Ton-2Ton

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Related SEO Article – To solve the fault of stage chain hoist

Electric stage hoist is a kind of common use tools, many customers operate improperly in the process of using causing many problems, the solution is as follows:

1.Power line phase error, resulting in phase protection to start, so can not be operated.

Solution: change the power line two phase to each other.

2.The power of the fuse or no fuse switch off.

Solution: check the current demand is met or not, the replacement for the fuse or restart no fuse switch.

3.Fuse of control circuit burn out.

Solution: check and replace the fuse.

4.The power line or the cable of the control circuit breakage or not good.

Solution: to repair or replace the broken and poor contact cables.

5.Power supply voltage is too low.

Solution: measure the voltage value is 10% lower than the standard supply voltage or not.

6.The motor makes a sound, but it doesn’t rotate.

Solution: check whether the motor phase is correct or not. Repair and do a good job in insulation.

7.Emergency switch is pressed.

Solution: to confirm the reasons for the emergency switch.

8.Poor contactor.

Solution: manual hoist operations. If the stage hoist act normally, it means the control coil or wire contact poorly, then find out contact bad position and repair; if manually operated electric stage chain hoist is still unable to operate, you need to check mains is fine or not, if there is no title of main power supply,it means the contactor is poor and unable to output the normally, need to replace the contactor.

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