Double Girder

The usage of the double girder overhead crane:It has two advantage,automatic walking and hydraulic automatic positioning demoulding.The difference between double girder

overhead crane and trolley is using in different place. Double rail car is used for the ground while trolley is usually used for hanging
electric hoist.

The biggest advantage of double girder overhead crane is:
1.Use the advanced technology, the main shaft adopts eccentric, automatic control level while running, make the car mechanical
equilibrium.With the forging materials refined, wheels and high-frequency quenching, surface and the wheel gear is difficult to

2. A variety of control mode, it can use centralized control and decentralized control or distributed control mode, the car according to
the set procedures for automatic operation.
On the working principle of the usage of double girder overhead crane is the same as the method of usage of monorail crane, lifting
equipment are used for protection, makes the product more efficient!

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