2-30T Overhead Crane Double Girder

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WOKAITE Overhead Crane Double Girder

Double beam crane running around one of the most important part is called double-track electric car, can deserve to domestic or imported motor;According to the different choices of different tonnage motor power is not the same as:

Its features:

1.The system of each car, independent drive;

2.A variety of control mode, can use centralized control and decentralized control or distributed control mode, the car according to the set procedures for automatic operation.

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Overhead crane double girder is the main stress components in eot crane by about two webs, upper and lower cover plates and a number of large and small plates and stiffened plates.

Main technical requirements

Arch degree of the main overhead crane double girder: When the load is carried, the deflection can be offset by the deformation under the condition of the main girder, so as to avoid the carrying trolley climbing.

Main girder side change: In the manufacture of bridge. After the side welding with drawing residual stress, when the transport and use the release of residual stress, resulting in two main girders of the inward side bend; and the main overhead crane double girder under the horizontal inertial load, according to the stiffness conditions allow have certain lateral bending, both stack and caused by bending deformation.

Usually by stiffness and strength condition, and the cross-sectional area is smallest, which can satisfy the construction requirements (such as the maximum height of crane girder and platform welding girder limited by construction conditions), to determine the height of the girder, and then a preliminary estimate of the web of the girder, the thickness of the cover, the geometrical features of the cross section are calculated, and checking in, after proper adjustment until all qualified.

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