Low Headroom Hoist

Chain electric hoist lifting capacity ranges from 1ton to 20 tons, lifting height is 3 ~ 100 meters.

The performance of the low headroom chain electric hoist is advanced structure, small volume, light weight, reliable performance, convenient operation, wide application scope.Mainly used to lower the height of the workshop, warehouse, shipbuilding, abrasive and other industries, used for lifting or loading and unloading of goods, it can also be artifacts or weights hung for work or repair.Low headroom chain electric hoist by the operating personnel use follow the manipulation button in the ground, it also can be used for cable control handle and wireless remote control, also can be combined more than one hoisting falling at the same time use.

Low headroom chain electric hoist can be installed in electric single-girder I-beam track, double girder beams orbit, gantry type hanger, adjustable manually gantry hanger, column cantilever crane, wall-mounted cantilever cranes, hoists curve i-steel rail and fixed point lifting heavy objects.So low headroom chain electric hoist is to improve labor efficiency and improve the working conditions necessary machinery.

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