0.5-10t Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist

WOKAITE 0.5-10t Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist

Limited switch
The limited swtich device is installed.In order to prohibit the chain from exceeding for safety.

Phase sequency relay
It is one of the control relay.Phase sequence automatically identifying the protective relay.Protect the low headroom electric hoist for power supply phase sequence after the reversal and cause equipment damage.

G80 ultra heat-treatable alloy steel chain.It can be safety used in severe environment.Such as rain,sea water and chemicals.

It is hot forging,high strength.Lower hook can be rotated 360.Lower hook is made up of forged steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch.The material and heat treatment technology is very mature in hook applications.

Chain wheel
It can be ensure that the chain does not fall off&don’t move,use more secure.We should checking the lifting chain before using.Ensure the hook is not reversed.

Chain bag
Canvas chain bag is standard configuration,steel bag is available for long chain.

Remote control


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low headroom electric chain hoist,low headroom electric hoist


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Related SEO Article – The characteristics of low headroom electric hoist

Low headroom electric hoist with exquisite design structure, excellent performance, novel and beautiful appearance, in line with the latest international DIN, FEM standard, reached the technical level of similar foreign products. Suitable for machining, assembly, warehouse and other material handling sites, especially suitable for height limited workshop.

1.The optimum clearance height, can make the lifting height increased from 200 to 500mm compared with ordinary CD hoist.

2.Excellent transmission technology, lifting speed reducer uses high quality alloy steel, triple reduction, smooth operation, long service life, reliable performance, to avoid the many disadvantages of CD hoist intermediate shaft when long distance transmission.

3.Motor is a specially designed new self cooled cone type motor, motor shell cast by the aluminum alloy material for good heat dissipation performance, F class motor insulation, IP54 class protection, a level higher than the usual motors.

4.Electrical components using the world first-class Schneider products, using high capacity contactor, using quick plug to connect control switch and motor and other electric parts, making the field installation more convenient; the gourd leakage cable parts of PE bellows protection to ensure cable and the connection is reliable.

5.Can be based on user requirements: hoist running, lifting single or double speed or variable frequency stepless speed control, remote control, overload protection, motor overheating protection and other functions.

6.Delicate structure, beautiful appearance, has a lot of unique innovation:

(1)Low headroom electric hoist body without leakage cable, cable everywhere were arranged in the interior of the low headroom electric chain hoist by various means, making the shape more beautiful; such as supporting shaft is a hollow thick wall steel pipe, in ensuring the intensity of use, reduce the overall weight of the electric hoist, and by which to achieve the cables from left to right.

(2)The low headroom electric chain hoist with compact structure, the counterweight box type, users can add all kinds of scrap steel or stone, save the steel, and reduce exterior dimensions compared with counterweight block type low headroom electric hoist.

(3)Hoist operation using NF series helical gear reducer drive, on both sides of the driving wheel through a hexagonal steel torque transmission, large transmission torque, high reliability, to avoid the flat key shear failure, and this kind of transmission is also very good for installation and adjustment of hoist operation.

(4)The cover of part of low headroom electric chain hoist motor using square welding structure, surrounded by mounting bolt holes, high versatility, quick change into fixed or hanging trolley type electric low headroom electric hoist, can pull the rope from 360 degree direction.

7.The whole structure is convenient for disassembly and installation, maintenance and good maintainability.

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