0.25-3ton HH-B 1P Single Phase Hoist 1P,50Hz,110V/220V/240V

WOKAITE 0.25-3ton HH-B 1P Single Phase Hoist

HH-B electric chain single phase hoist is the company’s newly developed product, it have a lot of feature, lifting speed fast, attractive appearance, operation safety.In particular, it have unique thermal overload safety device and motor protection devices.in order to develop the safety and reliability .The product can be widely used in a variety of small light weight lifting,Overhead traffic or jib with matching composition suitable for low space transportation systematic, it is one of the best devices for improving working conditions and improving labor efficiency.It can also be used in low-level space materials circulation system by mating with aerial travelling crane equipment.This product attests to be effective equipment which can improve working condition and enhance labor efficiency,optional wireless remote controller.

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HH-B Electric Chain Single-phase Hoist With Single Phsae

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On the basis of understanding the operation instructions, please pay attention to the following matters:

1.Please operateafter memorizing the content on the instructions and nameplate.

2.Please adjust the upper and lower limit stop block before hoisting objects.

3.Please confirm whether the brake condition is reliable or not before use.

4.If the following abnormal circumstances is found in the wire rope, do not operate absolutely.

(1)Bending, deformation, corrosion, etc..

(2)The chain breaking degree is higher than the specified requirement, and the wear is large.

5.Before installation, please check the insulation resistance of the motor and control box with 500V megaohmmeter, and the cold resistance should be more than 5M ohm at room temperature.

6.Please do not lift objects which exceed the rated load capacity, rated load have been marked on the nameplate on the lifting hook.

7.No riding on lifting objects, never lift people.

8.People shall not be under the lifting objects.

9.Do not lift when lifting object and lifting hook in the swing state.

10.Please lift after moving the electric chain single-phase hoist to top of the object, no inclined hanging.

11.The limit device is not allowed to be used as a travel switch.

12.No lifting objects connected with the ground.

13.Please do not over operation.

14.Don’t pull the other objects with a flashlight door line.

15.Be sure to cut off the power before maintenance.

16.Maintenance inspection must be carried out under no-load condition.

17.Please confirm whether the installation of the wedge is firm and reliable before use.

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