It is great significance for safe production and improvement of production efficiency to select the appropriate fetching device. Due to the double girder bridge crane has a wide variety loading and unloading of objects, there are pieces, scattered and liquid, and so on, their physical properties and characteristics are so different. In order to adapt to load and unload all kinds of goods, commonly used extraction device as grab, electromagnetic sucker, rings, bar, clamp, vacuum suction, hopper, bucket and bearing beam, in addition to the special container spreader and other special tools.

Hook is the most widely used device for double girder bridge crane. Grab bucket is mainly used for loading and unloading a large number of bulk materials, but also used to grab the logs. Grab bucket is a kind of automatic fetching device, and its grasping and discharging action is controlled by the driver in the driver’s cab, without the assistance of the auxiliary personnel, which greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency. The electromagnetic chuck is suitable for lifting the magnetic metal material, and is only used for absorbing black metal below 500 DEG C.

In the case that the material is often changed and the productivity is high, can select dual-purpose double girder bridge crane, which is a grab bucket and an electromagnetic chuck, or a grab and a hook, or an electromagnetic chuck and a hook. The lifting trolley is provided with two sets of lifting mechanisms which are respectively independent. But the two devices can not work at the same time.

In the special occasions that the lifting material change frequently, but productivity requirement is not very high, can choose three-purpose double girder bridge crane, according to the need, the hook can be hung with an electric grab or an electromagnetic chuck.


WOKAITE 3-50 ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

double girder bridge crane

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