3-50ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

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WOKAITE 3-50ton Double Girder Overhead Crane features

This series crane adopts box-type structure, main girder and end carriage use high tensile bolt to connect.

The capacity:3-50ton

Product Introduction:
This series product is composed of bridge, double trolley, crane and electrical equipment four main parts. Adopts fixed wire rope electric hoist as lifting mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, When use driver’s cabin operation, divided into single speed and double speed, if no specific requirements from customer, use single speed, ground control with single speed.

This series products capacity includes 5, 8, 10, 12.5,16, 20, 32t altogether seven tonnages.


The double girder eot crane is a kind of large capacity crane. Comparing with the single girder, the double girder crane is specially used to meet the requirements of larger capacity. Just like the single girder crane, it is a kind of standard crane which can be widely used in various place like factories, workshop, plant and warehouse. The double girder overhead crane can be installed on the rails on the bases of building columns. The double rail type trolley runs along parallel girders suitable for large capacity cranes, and also can utilize space below ceiling rafters, and so a wider lifting range assured. Smooth traveling is obtained using a guide mechanism with side rollers, and the girder construction can be designed according to the rated load and span. Moreover, the shorter overran length of the end carriage and the double girder eot crane motor installation in optimum position allows for a more effective use of work space.


double girder eot crane,double girder eot cranes,double girder overhead crane,double girder overhead cranes

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For the double girder eot crane of high lifting weight, high work level and high operation speed, generally use of cab control mode, to ensure the safety. The cab is usually fixed on one side of the bridge. If the span of double girder overhead cranes is large, and in complex lifting situations, can select the mode of the cab moving with lifting trolley. Sometimes can also choose the mode of that the driver room can move along the main beam, the operation can be more convenient. In the situation of double girder overhead cranes running slow, short stroke, work is not busy, and asked the driver directly linking or picking the hook; in the situation of which plant is low or ground equipment is high or can not be installed the cab; in the situation of harmful gases in the upper part of the plant, that can not operate on the crane, can use ground control. The operating speed of the ground handling crane is generally not more than 45 m/min. According to the need to use several ways such as ground handling is fixed on the hand switch, flashlight door moving with trolley, electric door moving freely. Because the ground control crane is connected with the cable, the operator must follow the movement of the double girder eot crane, so can also use wireless remote control, including infrared or radio remote control, make the double girder eot cranes control more flexible and convenient. This kind of control method has been widely used in foreign countries.

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