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Part 1: 3 steps to install electric trolley

(1)Install the electric trolley

1)Insert the suspension pin into the lateral plate G and lock it with suspension pin bolts and nuts.

2)Install the suspension pin with adjusting disk.

3)Install the suspension pin into the hanger T. The nameplates of electric chain hoist and electric trolley should be in the same direction.

4)Install more gaskets into the suspension pin before insert it into the lateral plate S.

5)Install the outside adjusting disk and spacer-pin into the suspension pin, and insert the cotter pin into the spacer-pin. When install the spacer-pin, check if the cotter pin can be seen at the left side from the front of the trolley switch box.

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(2)Adjust width of the electric trolley

Please adjust width of the electric trolley according to below drawing to get appropriate clearance.

Size A is the dimension when two side plates stretch outside completely.

Size A must be approximate B (the width of rail flange) +4mm.

Please adjust size A by increasing or decreasing adjusting disk. Insert the cotter pin into the spacer-pin and bend two branches of cotter pin if the size A is OK..

The nut must be fixed and strong, insert cotter pin and bend it completely.

(3)Install electric trolley into the beam.

1)Install the trolley at the end side of the beam and then slip the electric trolley which has been connected with electric chain hoist already to the appropriate place. This is the most convenient method.

2)If first method is unavailable; please follow drawing 5-9.

a)Unload the brake stopper from hole A on the suspension pin, and insert it into hole B. Insert cotter pin again and bend it completely.

b)Pull the side plate S and G outside then lift the trolley until the orbit wheel and orbit surface is in the same horizontal. Put the orbit wheel of side plate G onto the surface of the orbit.

c)Hold the side plate G and stop it from dropping from the orbit. Push side plate S harder and put its orbit wheel onto the surface of the girder.

d)Unload the brake stopper from hole B and insert into hole A. Do not forget to bend the cotter pin.

Part 2: 7 steps to intall electric chain hoist

1.Confirm the details of your electric chain hoist

  • Model type of electric chain hoist
  • Product serial Number
  • Name of parts which need to be replaced (It is better to enclose with explains)

2. Unpacking of electric chain hoist

  • After unpacking the hoist box, please careful check over the appearance of the cable, gear box and motor shell of the hoist.
  • Check the quantity of the bellowing items as well.
  • Every set of our electirc hoist should including the bellowing standard spare parts:
1.Chain bag (box)  1pc
2.Control cable  1mtrs
3.Button switch  1pcs

3. Supply voltage

If the supply voltage exceeds ± 10% compare to the standard voltage, operation may cause damage to the motor under this abnormal voltage. Thus operator have to confirm whether the power supply voltage within the operating range of the standard firstly before operating the hoists.

4. Installations of electric chain hoist

Strictly prohibited connecting to the power before the completion of the installation process.

5.Chain bag assembly

6.Switch on the power supply to the electric hoist and operate the push button(operated by professional).

7.Operation test

(a)Press the button indeed, let the hook down until the limit spring touches the limit switch, the motor will stop automatically.

(b)Press the   button on hoist indeed until the chain is collected into the chain bag completely, and the motor stops.

(c)Test the function of the emergency stop switch (if the optional emergency stop switch is purchased.Press    or     button, meanwhile press the emergency stop switch of hoist. Check if the hoist stop running immediately or not after press the emergency stop switch, and make sure the hoist cannot be started again when press this button. Rotate the emergency stop switch clockwise, make the emergency switch back to the original place. When it bounces back, the hoist can be started again. If any of tests above is failed, please check the distribution circuit and the automatic locking  of the emergency switch.

(d)Check the lubricating condition of load chain ( the load chain has been lubricated before delivery, but could be dried when delivery). Any lubricant you have can be used to lubricate the chain. We suggest that infunde a little of lubricant into the chain bag to protect the load chain.

(e)Check the direction of the chain eyes. All welding points should be of the same direction. The hoist cannot be operated properly and utterly unless all welding chain eyes are in the same line.

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