3.2-16ton SH Double Girder Electrical Wire Rope Hoist

electrical wire rope hoist,wire rope electric hoist

WOKAITE SH Double Girder Electrical Wire Rope Hoist feartures

1. Efficient high lifting speed,smooth low lifting speed, precise positioning.
2. Humanization design of control pendant,high tensile seamless twisting sheath of control cable,optimize the operation to the utmost.
3. Novel design,compact structure.


Higher Security and Reliability

1. Brake and clutch ensure the safety under any circumstance,no slip under load
2. IP55 of hoist frame and brake ensures the optimal corrosion resistance under harsh environment.
3. Up and down limit switch ensures the safe operation of the hook on the top and bottom position.
4. Low voltage contactor ensures the safe and reliable operation

Product Feature

Efficient high lifting speed,smooth low lifting speed, precise positioning.
Product Specification/Models
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name WOKAITE or OEM
Model Number SH
Usage Construction Hoist
Power Source Electric
Sling Type Wire Rope
Maximum Lifting Weight 80T
Maximum Lifting Height 100M
Lift Speed 0.6-8.0m/min
Certificates ISO9001, CE


Technical Specification of SH Double Girder Electrical Wire Rope Hoist

SH Double Girder Electrical Wire Rope Hoist

SH Double Girder Electrical Wire Rope Hoist

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Related SEO Article – The reason of electrical wire rope hoist does not work after starting

Mainly because of the hoist does not reach to the rated operating voltage, there are generally 3 kinds of situations:

1.Find out whether the power supply system supply power to wire rope electric hoist, generally used test pencil, such as no power supply;

2.The main control circuit of the wire rope electric hoist is damaged, the line is broken or the contact is bad, can also let the hoist motor not be electrified. This situation, need to overhaul the main control circuit. When maintenance, in order to prevent missing phase to burn the motor casused by the main control circuit supply power to three-phase motor, or hoist motor suddenly operate and cause danger, must disconnect electrical wire rope hoist motor from the power supply, only supply power to the main control circuit. Then start and stop switch, check and analyze the working condition of the electric appliance and the line, repair or replace the failed electric appliance or line. When the main control circuit is confirmed, the test can be re run.

3.Hoist motor terminal voltage than the lower 10% than the rated voltage, motor starting torque is too small, the gourd lifting real goods, and unable to work, inspection, with the table or voltage meter measuring motor input voltage, due to low voltage, the motor can’t start, need to wait for system voltage recovery normal after using the wire rope electric hoist. Sometimes, hoist motor voltage is normal, and hyacinth does not work, the need to consider other reasons, for example: motor burned, maintenance when the need to replace the motor; gourd is not a long time, poor maintenance, etc. the brake wheel and the end cover of rust, starting braking wheel off, motor only emit the sound, turn up, Hulu doesn’t work. At this time, should unload the brake wheel, surface rust cleaning,and then re test; serious motor sweep chamber, the motor does not rotate, found this situation, should stop using, we must overhaul or replacement of the motor, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the hoist. In the production of overloading is strictly prohibited the use of electrical wire rope hoist, when the goods are excessive overloading, gourds hanging motionless air motor only issued sound, and does not run, severe electrical burn, and even cause accidents, at this time should immediately stop, reduce the goods, enables the gourd in the rated power.

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