1-10ton 2/1 Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist

electric rope hoist,electric wire hoist

WOKAITE 1-10ton 2/1 Monorail Electric Wire Rope Hoist

electric rope hoist,electric wire hoist

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Electric rope hoist is a small lifting equipment, has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small volume, strong versatility, convenient operation and so on. It can be installed separately in I-steel, can also be fitted for use in electric or manual single girder, double girder, cantilever and gantry crane. Wire rope is the key component of the electric wire hoist lifting mechanism, it has a direct impact on safety of electric rope hoist, often scrapped because of abrasion and fracture, so should always in good lubrication condition, and regularly check the end is fixed or not. When the wire rope should be scrapped when reaches the circumstances specified in the GB5972, and timely replace the rope.

Electric wire hoist maintenance

1.In daily inspection, monthly inspection and yearly inspection, which does not meet the requirements should be repaired, adjusted or replaced parts immediately.

2.Electric wire hoist maintenance requirements:

A) Replacement parts should be the same material and performance as the original parts, when maintenance;

B) When structures parts need welding, the material and and electrode and welding quality shall meet the quality standards of the original structure parts;

C) when the electric hoist is in working condition, maintenance and repairing is not allowed.

3.The main electric rope hoist wearing parts:

A) Guide rope device;

B) Sealing ring;

C) Brake ring;

D) High-speed motor shaft pinion.

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