0.13-0.75KW 4-12P 220V-440V KDA0100 Series hoist motor

WOKAITE KDA0100 Series hoist motor

hoist motor,hoist motor specifications

Weight:32kg Lenght:35cm

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Electric hoist with compact structure, electric hoist which motor axis is perpendicular to the drum axis adopts a worm gear transmission device. The disadvantage of large length and width, heavy mechanical structure, low efficiency, difficult processing. The hydraulic system is a double control, the overflow control valve and the magnetic contact pressure gauge can control the pressure accurately. Electrical control department adopts low voltage control, increase the safety of the control system, theree is no factory to produce this kind of structure type of products.

Structure and features: the machine adopts the mechanical and electrical integration design, you can press different specifications of the steel wire rope by changing different mold, simple and safe control. The hoist motor is parallel to the drum axis, and the wire rope electric hoist has the advantages of small height and length. The disadvantages are large size, poor grouping, complex manufacturing and assembly.

Wire rope electric hoist is composed of: hoist motor, transmission mechanism, drum and sprocket, can be divided into four different types according to the position of motor and drum. The pressing wire rope is big tension, beautiful and quick, and the pressing of a wire rope can be completed in a few minutes, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the working efficiency.

The electric hoist which motor is installed on the outside of the drum, has the advantages of good grouping performance, high universality degree, easy change of lifting height, convenient installation and inspection.

Electric hoist is widely used, but the operating personnel who can correctly use of electric hoist advantages may be less, we suggest you to know more about electric hoist motor specifications to use it better.

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