0.32-20ton 4/1 Foot Mounted Wire Rope Block

wire rope block,wire rope blocks

WOKAITE 0.32-20ton 4/1 Foot Mounted Wire Rope Block

wire rope block,wire rope blocks

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1.The first installation or reassembly of wire rope blocks, should be carried out no-load operation, but to ensure that the components must be installed, do not power.

2.Should be carried out in the normal use of the rated load of 125%, up from the ground about 100 mm, static load test for 10 minutes, and check whether it is normal.

3.Dynamic load test is based on the rated load weight, for repeated movements and move around the test, after the test to check the mechanical transmission part, electrical part and the connection part is normal and reliable or not.

4.Do not allow to use under the absolute prohibition environment, and exceed the rated load and rated closing times (120) per hour.

5.When installation, debugging and maintenance, must be strictly check the limit device is flexible and reliable or not, when the hook up to limit high position, distance between hook shell and the drum shell must greater than 50mm (10t and 16t, while 20t must greater than 120 mm). When the hook to the limit low position, should guarantee there are safety wire rope rings on the drum circle, effective safety ring must be more than 2 circle.

6.Not allowed pressing the switch button which make two wire rope blocks move in the opposite direction at the same time.

7.After the work is completed, the power supply must be pulled apart to cut off the power supply.

8.Wire rope blocks should be operated by specialized person, operators should fully grasp the safe operating procedures, strictly prohibited inclined hanging.

9.Must check the electric hoist regularly by specialized person, take timely measures when found that failure, and carefully recorded.

10.When adjust the quantity of electric hoist brake glide, should guarantee that, brake slide S≤V/100 under the rated load (V is the stable lifting distance under load in a minute).

11.Scrap standard of wire rope: the inspection and scrap standard of the wire rope is executed according to CB/T5972-1986.

12.Wire rope blocks must maintain sufficient lubricating oil, and keep the oil clean, should not contain impurities and dirt.

13.You should use a stiff brush or wood piece to oil the wire rope, directly to the working rope oil by hand is prohibited.

14.When wire rope block does not work, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air, to prevent the parts from permanent deformation.

15.If the failure is found, should immediately cut off the main power supply.

16.Should pay special attention to the situation of wearing parts.

17.10~20 tons wire rope hoist in a long time running, the automatic power outages may occur, which belongs to the motor overheating protection function, should down the wire rope block, continue to work until the motor cooled down.

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