1-10ton 2/1 Foot Mounted Electric Wire Rope Hoist

1 ton electric cable hoist,1 ton wire rope hoist,2 ton electric wire rope hoist

WOKAITE 1-10ton 2/1 Foot Mounted Electric Wire Rope Hoist

1 ton electric cable hoist,1 ton wire rope hoist,2 ton electric wire rope hoist

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1.The mechanical parts of the equipment should be checked before lifting, wire rope and hook and limiter shall be in good condition, the electrical part should be no leakage, the grounding device should be good. When lifting heavy weights, after lifting off the ground 10cm should stop to check the brake condition, can be carried out after the confirmation. The open-air homework should set up the canopy.

2.Do not allow overload lifting, hands are not allowed to hold between the rope and the object when lifting, prevent the collision when hanging up.

3.The lifting objects should be tied up, and in the center of gravity. When lifting the heavy, the heavy object should not be too high, the heavy load cross over the head is not allowed, can not be hanging in the air when not working.

4.If electric chain hois emit peculiar smellt in the lifting process or high temperature should stop immediately and find out the reasons.

5.2 ton electric wire rope hoist wire rope on the drum to be wrapped neatly, when the hook is placed in the lowest position, the wire rope reel should be not less than three times.

6.Using suspension cable electrical switch to start, insulation must be in good condition, must slide freely, and operate button correctly and pay attention to the standing position.

7.In the process of lifting, if the heavy fall caused by failure, must take urgent measures to lowering the weight to no one place.

8.Weights must be vertical lifting, no oblique pulling weight, never lift the weight of unknown.

9.After work, electric hoist should be parked in the designated position, the hook rises, and cut off the power.

10.1 ton wire rope hoist should be operated by specially-assigned person, the operator should fully obey the safety control procedures.

Operating conditions of 1 ton electric cable hoist

Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +40℃

Work system: intermediate JC25%

Heavy class: JC40%

When the intermediate working system of the electric hoist weight decreased 30%, the 1 ton electric cable hoist heavy duty system JC40%.

1 ton wire rope hoist heavy duty system JC40% is used in relatively heavy load, often in the ratings or under high safety coefficient condition. 2 ton electric wire rope hoist structure reducer: the three fixed axis gear rotation mechanism, gear and gear shaft box made of heat-treated alloy steel, the box and box cover are made of high quality iron assembly tightness, good sealing. The reducer is very convenient to loading and unloading.

Control box: the device can be cut off the main circuit in an emergency, and with the up and down stroke protection of the fault location device. To ensure the safe operation of the 1 ton wire rope hoist. Long life and reliable use of electrical components.

Wire rope: the use of X (6*37+1) GB1102-74 type hoisting rope, to ensure durable.

Taper line motor: the starting torque of the motor with large starting torque of the cone rotor brake asynchronous motor, no external brake. Motor load rate of 25%, motor using B or F class insulation, motor protection class IP44/IP54.

Button switch: operation handy, for string manipulation and wireless remote control in two ways.

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