1-15 Ton End Carriage

  • end carriage,end carriages
  • end carriage,end carriages

End Carriage features:

1. The system in all cars, independent driving;

2. Track, translation of material components, such as switches, rotary table, lift, forming a solid transportation network;

3. A variety of control methods, centralized control, and decentralized control can be used or distributed control, car according to set procedures to implement automatic operation;

4. Random material supply systems, stations may apply random, by car random write to station features address code, you want to position, and supplies;

5. Sorting and distribution systems, loading cars bearing capacity characteristics of different types of goods carried under address code, set up read-access station, automatic sorting and delivery operation can be realized.

End Carriage applications:

Products are widely used in ports, power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railway, construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, plastics machinery, industrial control, highways, transportation, pipelines and auxiliary set, slopes, tunnels, shaft protection, marine salvage, marine works, construction of airports, bridges, aviation, aerospace, venues and other important industries, and infrastructure engineering machinery and equipment.

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end carriage,end carriages


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The end carriage plays an important role in the crane, which is the key component of the load shifting and transportation. End carriage is composed of wheel and frame, end carriage part is mainly composed of the cover,web and bottom cover plate; end carriage is formed by two segments through a connecting plate and angle steel with high strength bolt connection. A reinforcing rib is arranged in the inner of the end carriage to ensure the stability when load. Main dimensions of the end carriage is determined according to the span of the main girder, the track of the cart and trolley; the operation of the cart is driven by the separately driven scheme.When assembling the crane, firstly connect one section to one of the main carriages, and then connect the two section of the end carriage together.

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