0.25-1.5KW 4-12P 220V-440V KDA0200 Series crane electric hoist motors

WOKAITE KDA0200 Series crane electric hoist motors

crane hoist motors,electric hoist motor

Weight:66kg Lenght:51cm

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Related SEO Article – Reasons for overheating of electric hoist motor

Electric hoist motor is very easy to cause overheating, at this time the heat radiation of the motor has become a problem had to be solved.
First, the electric hoist can not be used for a long time, it is best to use a little while then rest for a while and then use, or very easy to cause crane hoist motors overheating.
Second, the overload use of electric hoist will cause the motor heating. Overload use of electric hoist will cause the electric hoist motor overload work, the various components of the motor are subjected to tremendous pressure, high load work will cause serious wear and tear of the parts.
Third, causing the electric hoist motor  temperature is too high because brake clearance in the operation process of the crane hoist motors may be too small. Too small brake clearance cause that cannot be fully uncoupled, the parts between the larger friction will immediately produce an enormous amount of heat. At the same time, friction between the parts of the overload running caused serious damage to the parts, resulting in damage to the crane hoist motors, the relevant line aging, motor parts were burned and so on.

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