0.4/0.25KW 4/6P 220V-440V KDA050 Series crane duty motors

WOKAITE KDA050 Series crane duty motors

crane duty motor,crane duty motors

Weight:25kg Lenght:33cm

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Related SEO Article – The motor nameplate marked meaning

The motor shell are equipped with a nameplate, marked with motor type, specification and relevant technical data. The nameplate should not be lost, it is convenient for us to use and maintenance the crane duty motors. The following is the meaning of main content on the nameplate:
1.Model: the structure of the crane duty motor, the number of poles, and the rotor type, etc..
2.Power: also called the capacity, indicating that the maximum allowable mechanical power output through the axis of the long-term work crane duty motor, it marks the operating capacity of the motor. Such as the rated power of 11 kilowatts, that is, when the load is less than or equal to 11 kwh, the motor can work properly.
3.Voltage: refers to the motor stator windings used in the power supply line voltage, also known as the rated voltage.
4.Current: refers to the motor at rated running, the the line current flow into the stator windings, also known as the rated current.
5.Rotating speed: the speed of the crane duty motor at rated load and rated voltage.
6.Frequency: the frequency of the AC power supply used by the crane duty motor, the power frequency of our china is 50Hz.
7.Stator connection method: the stator winding connection method divide into star and triangle. A stator winding connection must be matched with the rated voltage of the crane duty motors, such as stator voltage 220V / 380V, stator grounding method △/Y, indicating that if power line voltage is 220V, stator winding should be grounded into a triangle, if the power line voltage is 380V connected into a star.
8.Allow the temperature rise: in the specified ambient temperature (usually 40℃), each part of the crane duty motors allows the maximum temperature above the allowable temperature is called the temperature rise. The temperature rise of the motor is determined according to the grade of the insulation material, each kind of insulating material has a certain allowable temperature, the life of the crane duty motor will be shortened obviously if exceeds the allowable value. Such as A class to allow the temperature rise to 65℃, H class of 140℃. Because of the stator winding is easy to heat, so temperature rise specified on the nameplate is the maximum allowable temperature rise of stator winding.
9.Insulation class: refers to the heat resistance of insulating materials used in winding, generally have A, E, B, F, H five classes. The performance of insulation material is related to the temperature, if the temperature is too high, the insulation material will accelerate aging, and the insulation performance will be destroyed.

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