0.25/0.4KW 4/6P 220V-440V 50/60Hz KDA030 Series crane duty motors specifications

WOKAITE KDA030 Series crane duty motors specifications


Weight:13kg Lenght:30cm

KDA030 Series crane duty motors specifications

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Electric chain hoist can not be avoided failure in the use, the following we have to do a summary of the motor failure. Motor burned mostly because of lack of phase or the temperature is too high. In view of these two kinds of common reason, WOKAITE technical staff has carried on the summary for the general customers safe use.

Electric chain hoist for a long time of continuous work, resulting in motor overc operation rate, and may not have good lubrication, causing the temperature is too high, so the motor will be burnt. Contactor and fuse failure, line contact error, also can cause the motor lack of phase.

The following is a common cause of motor faults and solutions:
1.Power line phase error, resulting in the role of phase protection to start, so it can not be operated.
Solution: the power line two phase on each other.
2.The power of the fuse or no fuse switch off.
Solution: check whether the current demand, the replacement for the fuse or restart no fuse switch.
3.Fuse of control circuit burn out.
Solution: check and replace the correct fuse.
4.The control circuit of the power line or wire breakage, or not good.

Solution: to repair or replace the broken and poor contact wires.
5.Power supply voltage is too low.
Solution: measure the voltage value is 10% lower than the standard supply voltage or not.
6.The motor makes a sound, but it doesn’t rotate.
Solution: check whether the motor phase is correct, repair and do a good job of insulation action.
7.Emergency switch is pressed.
Solution: to confirm the reasons for the emergency switch.
8.Poor contactor.

Solution: manual operate the hoist, if the hoist act normally, it means that the control coil or wire is poor contacted, to identify the location of bad contact and repair it; If electric chain hoist is unable to operate manually, need to check the main power supply is normal or not, if there is no title of main power supply, it must be poor contacted, unable to output normally and need to replace the contactor.
9.Contactor coil short circuit
Solution: replace the contactor

Therefore, in order to prevent the fault of motor, we must strictly follow the instructions of the operation to ensure the safety of the motor.

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