0.5-9ton HSH-C chain lever hoist

chain lever hoist,chain lever block

WOKAITE 0.5-9ton HSH-C chain lever hoist features

Forged and heat treated load hooks with batch taceability and stretch indicators.Drop-forted load hooks are free to rotate 360 degrees.
Simply select FREE on selector lever and pull the hook down.As long as the chain lever hoist is unloaded,the free chaining device serves quickly the right chain length in both directions.
SAFE.Not possible if load is applide!
Double pawl Brake system
MBL of 400% of WLL

HSH-C Series Chain Block Specifications

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Related SEO Article – Manual chain lever hoist introduction

Manual chain lever hoist is widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, telecommunications and other industries equipment installation, lifting items, mechanical stretch.
Manual chain lever block has the advantages of safe and reliable, durable, good performance, easy maintenance; small volume, light weight, convenient to carry, small manual force, high efficiency, improve the structure, beautiful appearance. manual hoist is used to enhance the weight of manpower, not arbitrarily extended operating manual; operation should allow the rest of the manual freely with the move, not blocking. Must be based on the load to choose the appropriate tonnage of the chain lever block.

With the provisions of models, specifications of the steel wire rope to fix the chain lever hoist. The material of wire rope hoist is generally metal synthesis, so the maintenance must be done in a comprehensive, so that the normal use of the device will not be affected. Usually driven by the cone rotor brake, the weight is generally 0.1 ~ 80 tons, lifting height of 3 ~ 30 meters. manual chain lever block in addition can be used alone, but also with the manual or electric trolley moving chain assembly together, hanging on the roof of buildings or the crane beam.

Under special circumstances, when the manual chain lever hoist is used for lifting the cage, the lifting weight of the hoist should be reduced to 1/3. You must check housing every fastening screw is tightened or not; pulling various manual check action is normal or not; if the operation coordination, no abnormal noise or card, wrenched loose unload manual, penetration have been wiped clean of supporting steel wire rope, and the steel wire rope is clamped and pulled forward or backward manuscripts manual, depending on the action is normal before use.


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