0.5-20ton CD1/MD1 Electric Cable Hoist

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WOKAITE 0.5-20ton CD1/MD1 Electric Cable Hoist features

Electric wire rope hoist capacity 0.5T/1T/2T/3T/5T/10T/16T/20T,its standard number of meters of wire rope,6M/9M/12M/18M/24M/30M.It is also divided into CD1(single speed) and MD1(Double speed)

Electric wire rope hoist speed:

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1.ReducerWire rope electric hoist can be roughly divided into:

2. Drum unit

3. Lifting motor

4.electric car

5. Tapered brake

6. adjusting nut

7. The guide rope

8.device coupling

9. Hook device

10. control button

11. The hollow

12. shaft housing

13. Gear shaft seal ring


15. Gear shaft

16. The inadequacy needle

17.roller bearing,

18.ball bearing cover

19. Vent plug

The role and function of each part are as follows:

Reducer: Three grade of helical gear transmission mechanism, gear and gear axle is made of heat treated alloy steel.Box and box cover are made of high quality cast iron, assembly and sealing is good.

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Electric cable hoist is a small lifting equipment, has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small volume, high universality of the components, convenient operation and so on, it can separate installation in I-steel, can also supporting the installation used in electric or manual single beam, dual beam cantilever gantry crane. General use of the cone type motor, automatic lock brake stop. Mainly used for a variety of infrastructure engineering machinery and equipment to promotion, transfer, loading and unloading heavy objects, tank flip chip bonding, such as all kinds of large and medium-sized concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment installation and removal for in construction and installation companies, factories and mines of civil engineering and bridge construction, electric power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, construction, highway, bridge, metallurgy, mines, slope tunnel, well control protection.


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