7.5ton Electric Chain Block

WOKAITE 7.5ton Electric Chain Block Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature:-20℃~+40℃

System:intermediate JC 25%

Control box: cut the circuit in case of emergency,with a stroke of protected water stopper device.Ensures the safe operation of electric chain block.Electical components long life and reliable to use.


Hoist with Electric Trolley

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Technical Parameters

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Size Specification

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Structure characteristics of electric chain blocks

The body is made of high strength tensile shell or die cast aluminum shell, precision manufacturing by thin wall extrusion, small size, light weight and high strength. Standard electric chain hoist with an independent transmission system, the transmission of the two coaxial transmission gear box, use of long life oil bath lubrication system. Electric chain block hoist powder metallurgy clutch for overload protection device, brake disc using DC electromagnetic field brake, the brake torque is large, stable, rapid and low noise.


Application range of electric chain hoist

Mainly used in large factories, warehouses, docks, wind power, logistics, construction and other industries, lifting or handling of goods can also be used for heavy lifting. Electric chain hoist by the operating personnel with button on the ground follow the manipulation can also be manipulated or used in the control room wired (wireless remote control. Electric chain blocks can be suspended and fixed, can be equipped with electric monorail trolley and push / pull monorail trolley traveling.

The tonnage of the ring chain electric hoist: 0.1t ~ 100t.


Electric chain block hoist installation and use.

Single beam hoist, bridge crane, gantry crane, hanging crane can be equipped with single beam and I-beam, can also be equipped with double beam trolley.Therefore, electric chain block is factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yard, shops and other one of the common heavy equipment is the necessary machinery to improve labor efficiency and improving working conditions.

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