15-25 Ton Electrical Chain Block

Electrical chain block usage considerations:

1.Before using the electric chain hoist,please be sure to carefully read the instruction manual.
2.Electric chain hoist installation location must be selected in accordance with needs and easy operation.
3.Perodically check the electrical chain block installation is solid.
4.Do not overload or not clear electric chain hoist is used when lifting the weight of the body.
5.Titl hanging in case of lifting heavy loads to avoid danger.
6.Electric chain hoist when lifting heavy objects and forbids any standing below the hanging weights.
7.Electric chain hoist shall not in any way carry people or tools for elevators.
8.Operator please don’t drink,medication and sick by the operation of electric chain hoist.
9.Please do not arbitrarily modification or welding electric hoist parts.


Hoist with Electric Trolley

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Technical Parameters

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Size specification

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Size specification

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15 ton chain hoist is often used within a workshop to lifting tools, this kind of small volume, light weight, convenient installation, operation and lifting hoist are very stable, has begun to replace bulky type 15 ton hoist. Before buying the electric chain hoist, according to the following several points to identify the quality of electrical chain block. First of all, after turning on the power supply, control electric chain hoist to move around, observe if the direction key is correct, also pay attention to whether or not there is brake voice when stopped. And, check whether the chain is down or not after stopping, if there is, that means the sheet is too loose, or is not installed properly. If these no problem, click on the button to up and down, observe the running distance, the smaller the 15 ton hoist run, the better. In some factory or workshop, sometimes need to run relatively small distance. Such as installing or docking, need 15 ton hoist rise or fall slowly, to facilitate calibration and installation, but electrical chain block is mostly single speed, even double speed is not slow enough to meet the requirement of installation speed. In this case, it need click stop to make the running time very short, so the moving range is relatively small, and can calibrate in each time point, until the equipment installation is complete. This is reason of why in the choice of 15 ton chain hoist need to click stop to check the lifting distance, in principle, the smaller the lifting distance is, the better.


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