10 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

WOKAITE 10 Ton Electric Chain Hoist features

Housing:made of light alloy shell,light weight and rugged,high cooling rates,fully sealed design suitable for use in environments with poor working conditions.
Reverse phase protection device:for special electrical installation,when the incorrect connection of the power supply,and control circuit is out of action.
limited switch:weight hanging by hanging under a limited switch,the motor stops automatically to prevent chanin exceeded ensure safety.
24/36V device:It can prevent accidents when we meet switch leakage in operation.
Magnetic braking device:This device can achieve moments braked when the power supply is switched off.
Chain kits:lightweight,attractive and durable.
Chain:G80 strong heat treated alloy steel chain.

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Technical Parameters

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Size sepcification

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10 ton electric chain hoist Related SEO Article – Lifting chain of electric chain hoist

Lifting chain of chain electric hoist is used in Φ7.1mm and Φ11.2mm 80 surface hardening lifting chain, to ensure their safety and durability. The strong hardening surface of lifting chain can prevent product damage and the softening of core materials, so that the lifting chain to maintain high performance for a long time. The chain of 10 ton electric hoist is made of low carbon alloy steel, so that the chain is more toughness, but also more robust wear-resistant, ensure the safety when work. The chain can also be customized according to customer requirements, more convenient for using. Imported electric hoist chains are equipped with chain bag, so that the 10 ton electric hoist looks clean and tidy, the chain bag is also equipped with anti rust oil so that the chain is not easy to rust, thus prolonging the life of the chain electric hoist.


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