0.5-20ton HSZ-R manual hoist

1 ton manual chain hoist,2 ton manual chain hoist,3 ton manual chain hoist

WOKAITE 0.5-20ton HSZ-R manual hoist

Compact and light

Our best and strongest designed,all-steel manual chain hoist.
Bearing mechanism to increase mechanical effciency.

Special Hooks

Drop-forged top and bottom hooks are specially designed for slow
Bending to warn excessive overload.

Rust protection

Durable powder coat paint.

Safety brake

Asbestos-free brake discs.
Load chain sprocket made of alloy steel with precision machining and heat treatment.

Double pawts

Double pawt with springs provide redundancy for reliable operation
of brake mechanism according CE-regulations.

HSZ-R Series Chain Hoist Specifications

[table id=46 /]


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When 1 ton manual chain hoist lifting the weight, clockwise drag manual and rotate hand chain wheel; while down, counterclockwise hands pulled the chain, brake block and brake separate, ratchet resting under the effect of the detent, five tooth long axis drive heavy chain wheel running in the opposite direction, so as to smooth dropped weights. 2 ton manual chain hoist generally use the unidirectional ratchet friction disc brake, can automatically brake under load, the pawl and the ratchet wheel are engaged under the action of the spring, ensure the brake work safely. It is safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, bracelet pull small, lighter weight for carrying and beautiful shape smaller sizes, durable, applicable to factories, mines, construction sites, piers, docks, warehouses and other used to install machinery, lifting goods, especially for the open and no power operation, show its superiority. The main parts of 3 ton manual chain hoist use the steel materials, using 800MPa high strength lifting chain, the material is generally 20M2, medium frequency quenching heat treatment, low wear and corrosion chain; high strength hook, material generally for alloy steel, forging type of hook design to ensure that the slow lifting to prevent overload; in line with European CE safety standards.

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