0.25-30ton HSZ-B chain block

1 ton chain block,2 ton chain block,5 ton chain block

WOKAITE 0.25-30ton HSZ-B chain block

Compact and light

Our best and strongest designed,all-steel manual chain hoist.
Bearing mechanism to increase mechanical effciency.

Special Hooks

Drop-forged top and bottom hooks are specially designed for slow
Bending to warn excessive overload.

Rust protection

Durable powder coat paint.

Safety brake

Asbestos-free brake discs.
Load chain sprocket made of alloy steel with precision machining and heat treatment.

Double pawts

Double pawt with springs provide redundancy for reliable operation
of brake mechanism according CE-regulations.

HSZ-B Series Chain Hoist Specifications

[table id=45 /]

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Related SEO Article – Operation method of 2 ton chain block

1.No overload use.
2.Non use of human power other than the operating 1 ton chain block.
3.To confirm parts intact before use, driving and hoisting chain of good lubrication, normal idling.
4.Check hook is hanging in prison before lifting, heavy chain should be vertical suspension, without twisting the wrong link, double chain hook frame shall not turn.
5.The operator should stand in the same plane with the hand chain wheel to pull hands chain, so that the chain wheel clockwise rotate, you can make the weight rise; pull the chain reversely, heavy weights can slowly decline.
6.In lifting weights, prohibited personnel to do any work or walk under the weight, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.
7.In the lifting process, regardless of weight up or down, the force should be uniform and gentle when pulling the chain, so as not to hand chain jumping or snap ring.
8.If the hand pull is larger than normal, the operator should stop using the hand pull. To prevent damage to the internal structure, in case of falling accident.
9.To be heavy safe after landing, then start pulling 5 ton chain block hook.
10.Daub lubricating oil gently after use, place in a dry and ventilated.
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