0.3-5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist For Sale

WOKAITE 1 ton electric chain hoist for sale Feature:

1.Forged hook is strong enough,and can rotate 360 degree.
2.Safety factor of high strength alloy carburizing chain up to 9times.
3.Aviation plug makes electric trolley with the hoist connection more wonderful.
4.Wireless remote control can be assembled.
Power voltage: 220V-690V,dual voltage are available.50Hz are optional.
Control voltage: 24V,36V,48V are optional.

WOKAITE 5 ton electric chain hoist outline

Reted capacity:250kgs to 50ton for single speed&dual speed
Power voltage: single voltage 220v-690v,50/60hz
Dual voltage 220v/440v,220v/380v,230v/460v

Control voltage:24v,36v,48v
Working group:M4,M5(ISO Standard) 1AM,2AM(FEM Standard)
Motor insulation: Class F
Portection: IP54 for hoist body,IP54 for push button control
Suspension types:hook,manual trolley,electric trolley
Working temperature:-20 to 40 (-4 to 104F)
Working humidity:85% RH or less

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Hoist With Hook

0.3-5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist For Sale

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Hoist With Electric Trolley 

0.3-5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist For Sale

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The 5 ton electric chain hoist is a kind of small lifting equipment, composed of an electric motor, a transmission mechanism and a chain wheel. The electric chain hoist 1 ton in accordance with international standards of production, beautiful appearance, durable, internal gear which is all after high temperature quenching, increased wear resistance and toughness of the gear .Using the most advanced technology, fine workmanship and gear fit tightly.

The application range of 5 ton electric hoist: Lifting weight is generally 0.1 ~ 100 tons, lifting height of 3 ~ 120 meters.

The characteristics of 1 ton electric chain hoist for sale: advanced structure and performance, small volume, light weight, reliable performance, convenient operation and wide application range, is very convenient for the heavy lifting, loading and unloading, equipment maintenance, hanging goods. It can also be installed on the hanging I-steel, curve track, jib crane rail and hoisting heavy weights on fixed point.



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