Before the use of the chain fall hoist will have a simple operation test, the following WOKAITE introduce the operation steps for you in detail:
1.Press the “down” button, drive the chain fall hoist down until the limit position, the motor will automatically stop.
2.Press the “up” button, until the chain is fully retracted into the chain bag, and the motor stops running.
3.Check the lubrication of the load chain. The load chain has already lubricated before delivery, but it’s probably going to dry up in transit, any ready-made lubricating oil can be used to lubricate the lifting chain, we recommend that you keep a small amount of lubricating oil in the chain in the bag, so that the chain can be immersed in the lubricating oil.
4.When the load chain of the chain electric hoist is double chain or multi chain, it is strictly prohibited to turn down the lower hook from the chain to avoid danger.
5.Check the direction of the chain, all the welding points should be in the same direction, can operate the chain electric hoist correctly only when all the chain welding points are in the same line.


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