Nowadays, single girder overhead EOT crane is widely used in all aspects of the industry, and the corresponding is that many enterprises are lack of single beam crane operator.

Before use
The use of single beam crane is not a simple matter, should be completed on the inspection of operating personnel before start-up, including whether the crane components are in good condition, the wire rope can continue to use, and the crane hook is intact. In addition, before running the crane, the operator should also be recognized that there is no one above the table, in order to prevent accidents.

In use
In the use of the EOT crane also notes a lot, firstly every time before formal lifting, the operator should try the performance of crane is suitable to lifting, should lift heavy object up half meters high, ensure there’s no problem and then continue to use.

After use
After using the single beam crane, the crane operator should lift the hoist in a certain height, then fixed, after fixing the crane, the operator should close the gates, cut off the power, which is the most important work.

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