In the process of electric hoist maintenance, we found some customers are not operating correctly in the using process, in order to make customers operate electric hoist correctly, following by WOKAITE to share how to use electric chain hoist safely:

1.Do not operate the electric hoist in explosive gas environment.
2.Stable and accurate button operation is required, do not operate button intermittently and fast.
3.Try to avoid excessive point operation.
4.Make sure that the motor is completely stopped before doing the reverse movement.
5.After chain electric hoist operation is completed, please let the controller cable and the hook in vertical static state, not swing or sliding.
6.When lifting, the load must be on average and close to the center in order to ensure the balance, do not lift the weight imbalance.
7.Do not use the electric chain block hoist to do the action of dragging the weight laterally.
8.Please do not lift while using the hook to hook the chain which blind with heavy objeacts.
9.Do not stand under the heavy objects when lifting.
10.When lifting operation, the operator must face to and pay attention to lifting weights.
11.The overweight lifting is risky and should not be attempted.
12.Don’t lift when the chain is tangled.


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