The safety inspection of overhead EOT crane in order to ensure the safe operation, during the operation of the need for a number of safety routine inspection, inspection items and key points are as follows:
1.The lifting height limiter, the travel limit switch and the interlock mechanism are normal, safe and reliable.
2.The main components meet the safety requirements: opening increase less than 15% of the original size, the torsional deformation is less than 10%; the 50% plate hook bushing wear is 5% smaller than the original size, the plate hook spindle wear less than 5%, no peeling, burr, welding.
3.Hook rack and pulley without obvious defects.
4.The wear and corrosion of the surface of the steel wire rope is less than 40% of the diameter of steel wire, broken wire within a twist less than 10% of the total number, no break, no thinning, no core extrusion, no blind angle twisting, no extrusion deformation, no annealing, no burning phenomenon.
5.The clips,clamp and wedge connection at the end of the wire rope connecting and fixing is intact, no loose plate, not less than 2 clamps, not less than 3 clips.
6.The drum has no crack, the connection and the fixation are not loose, and the abrasion of the cylinder wall is less than 20% of the original wall thickness; the safety volume is not less than 2 circles, and the ratio of the diameter of the drum and the steel wire meets the requirements.
7.The balance wheel is in good condition, and the wire rope should meet the requirements.
8.Brake no crack, no loose, no serious wear, brake clearance on both sides of the same size, there is sufficient braking force, brake wear is less than 50% of the original thickness.


Through the safety inspection of the overhead crane, it has played a significant role in preventing the personal accident, reducing the equipment accident, improving the running rate of equipment and reducing the maintenance cost.


WOKAITE single girder EOT crane

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