Mainly because the electrical wire rope hoist is not connected to rated working voltage and can not work, generally have the following situations

1.The power supply system output to electric wire rope hoist control box or not, generally used test pencil to test.

2.The main control loop of the electric rope hoist control box is damaged, line disconnection or poor contact, or the line of the control button is bad, will also make the hoist motor no electricity. When this kind of circumstance appeared, need to maintenance the main control circuit and the control button. Maintenance, in order to prevent burning motor caused by main power supply and control circuit for three-phase motor lack of phase, electric hoist motor or hoist damaged by suddenly running, must disconnect hoist motor from the power supply circuit, only output to the main control circuit. After the control button on the line, press the start and stop switch, check the work condition of the electrical and wiring analysis, repair or replace the faulty electric appliance or line, can be re run when confirming the main control circuit is fine.

3.Hoist motor terminal voltage low than the rated voltage of more than 10%, motor starting torque is too small, so that hoist can not lift the goods, and can not work. Check with Multimeter or voltmeter to measure the motor input voltage, determine because the voltage is too low, so that the motor can not start, the normal use of electric hoist should after the system voltage is restored. In addition, when the cross section of the external power supply line is too small, the motor can not get enough starting current and can not start.

4.Sometimes the hoist motor voltage is normal, while the hoist is not working, it should be considered for other reasons, such as motor burned, need to replace the motor; have not used hoist for a long time, poor maintenance and other reasons make the brake wheel and the end cover rust, when starting off the brake wheel, the motor only abnormal noises and can not start the gourd, unable to work. At this point, the brake wheel should be removed, clean the rust surface, and then re test. Motor sweep seriously, also make the motor does not rotate, found that this situation, should stop using, must overhaul or replace motor, in order to ensure the hoist normal work.

5.Never overload, when the goods are excessive overloading, hoist can not afford the goods, the lifting motor only abnormal noises and does not run, which will destroy the motor, even cause accidents, then immediately shut down, reduce the goods, make sure that hoist working at rated load. In order to prevent overloading, should be installed the weight overload limiter, when the lifting load reached 95% rated load automatic alarm, to automatically cut off the power supply at 105%, to achieve the purpose of overload protection.

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