If the improper operation of electric hoist, will lead to what kind of consequences? The following is a detailed description for you by WOKAITE.

When the electric hoist is hoisting, the method of trolley operation is improper. Electric hoist will make the crane swing and lead to accident. Electric hoist crane hoisting, when the wire rope or chain tensioning should stop, electric hoist hook according to the direction of the shake again identify the hook, while lifting workers should check whether the weight hanging in prison; Not lift the electric hoist too fast, the lifting speed can be increased only when the lifting object is out of the obstacle; Objects hoisting by electric hoist should not be too high, generally exceeding 0.5m to the safe passage of the highest is good.

When electrical chain hoist operation, if the conditions is allowed, it is best to lift off the ground about 0.5m, from the heavy lifting in the electric hoist behind the object, and under the command of the heavy lift to run around obstacles. Not intermittent electric hoist operation, in the long run, the long time transmission operation is good. Electric hoist in the operation should ensure that the crane is stable, if the crane swing or shake, should run in the side of the hook, not allowed to shake or pendulum.


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