1.CD1 type electric cable hoist often moves on the I-beam track, the stopper must be installed at both ends of the track, to prevent the digression. The best is to assembly reliable elastic buffer or a rubber block at both ends of the wheel axle, the equivalent height of I-steel track, and I-steel track should not put out outside, if you really need to put some with rain proof device.

2.The I-steel track should be installed with grounding wire. If the grounding wire cross-sectional area of I-steel track is too small or not ground, when people contact hook, there is a risk of electric shock accident. So, the I-steel track grounding wire must be well connected, the general specification for flat 4-5mm diameter bare copper wire or a section of not less than 25mm, and should be inspected regularly.

3.Use the limiter and rope guide. The limiter limits the lifting of electric cable hoist, can prevent the hook to rise too high or too low to crash drum, or down too fast pulling the wire rope. Rope guide sleeve is mounted in a groove on the sleeve, with the axial rotation movement, the wire rope on the sleeve in order, at the same time, through the collision between the board on the rope clamp and the stop block on the limit rod, the lifting hook in the automatic limit, to ensure the safe operation of the electric hoist. The utility model relates to a spacing device and a rope guiding device, which are indispensable safety accessories of electric hoist, can effectively prevent the top of the gourd and broken rope accident.

4.Wire rope oiling maintenance method must be correct. The correct way to refuel is, when the wire rope is working, fill the oil (must use wire rope grease or thin oil, can not use butter) into the drum or pulley at the stress on the surface, sucked in the rope naturally.

5.Insist on mobile operation mode. Some companies in order to improve the working conditions for operators, will install control box to the wall, the operator can sit in a chair to remote command, convenient at the same time, increased the probability of the accident. Therefore, the control box have to be installed on the wire rope block, the control line can not be too long, let the operator move with the hoist, so as to observe the running condition of electric cable hoist at any time, and can avoid the accident.

6.Strict implementation of regular maintenance. In accordance with safety regulations, electric hoist and other lifting equipment need regular maintenance. In addition to the regular maintenance of the electric cable hoist (including the maintenance and replacement of electrical components), but also on a regular basis for overhaul, wear parts must be repaired in time. After the overhaul, in strict accordance with the rules for debugging, qualified before use.

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