1.Each overhead crane shall be marked with a nominal weight on the obvious place.
2.In the work, don’t allow people on the overhead crane, or transport people or with a hook.
3.No operating license and drink are not allowed to drive crane.
4.The operation must be focused, not talking, smoking, or something else.
5.The trolley needs to be clean; no place equipment, tools, flammable goods, explosive and dangerous goods.
6.Overload are not allowed.
7.Don’t lift any of the following circumstances:
(a)Bundling is not strong;
(b)Mechanical overload;
(c)Unknown signal;
(d)Diagonal pulling;
(e)Objects buried or frozen in the ground;
(f)Someone on the hanging object;
(g)Flammable goods, explosive and dangerous goods without safety protection measures;
(h)Too full of liquids
(i)Wire rope does not meet the safety requirements;
(j)Lift mechanism failure.
8.Crane moving on the line with no obstacles, hook or hoist and the bottom surface of the weight, must be lift 2m up above the ground. When move through the obstacle, it must be 0.5m over than the obstacle.
9.For the lifting of less than 50% of the rated weight of the object, allowing the simultaneous action of the two mechanisms; If the lifting of more than 50% of the rated load, only one mechanism can be operated.
10.Overhead crane with main and auxiliary hook with crane scale, not to rise or fall at the same time, the main and auxiliary hook.
11.Welding or hammer is not in the suspended object, and working under the weight is not allowed.
12.Must be after the power is off, and hung the symbol of power failure operation, then do the check or maintaince. If you must live working, must have security measures, and has a special care.
13.Don’t throw anything off the trolley.
14.Limit switches and interlocks shall be checked regularly.
15.Limit switches are not allowed to be used as parking.
16.When lift brake in trouble, lifting weights are not allowed.
17.Hanging objects are not allowed to run over people or equipment.
18.The crane in the welding process, must set the ground, do not use the ground.
19.When the hook in the lowest limit position, the drum must retain a safety rope above two times.
20.Double girder eot crane is not allowed to collide with each other, but also do not allow the use of a crane to promote the work of another crane.
21.Lifting heavy objects, liquid metal, explosive and dangerous goods, must firstly slowly lifting off the ground 100~200mm, test the reliability of the brake.
22.Repair and inspection of the lighting, the voltage must be below 36V.
23.All electrical equipment shell of overhead crane should be connected to ground. If the trolley track is not welded on the main end carriage, welding ground wire should be adopted. Available cross-sectional area of ground wire is more than 75 square millimetre made by galvanized flat steel or 10 square millimetre bare copper wire or galvanized steel bar which is greater than 30 square millimetre. The grounding position of the cab or lifting body should be more than two. The grounding resistance between any point on the crane to the neutral point of the power supply shall be less than 4Ω.
24.Regular safety inspection and the preflight preparation.

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