1.The appearance of the overhead EOT crane: comprehensively clean the appearance, no dust. Check for cracks, open welding.
2.Check and tighten transmission shaft seat, gear box, coupling, shaft and key is loose or not; check and adjust the brake wheel clearance to make it uniform, sensitive and reliable.
3.Check the overhead crane reducer mainly to see whether the oil leakage. If the box has abnormal sound when running, it is necessary to open the box cover to check. Generally due to bearing damage or gear meshing backlash is too large, tooth surface wear.
4.Lifting winch: check the wire rope and pulley hook is safe and reliable, if wear over the specified value should be replaced. Check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.
5.Inspection of steel wire rope for double girder eot crane. Check the wire rope should focus on the observation of broken wires, wear, kink, corrosion etc., make a mark to some serious wear, broken wires but not exceed the standard position, focus on tracking the review. Pay attention to check whether the safety limiter of the wire rope in the reel is effective, whether the steel wire rope pressing plate on the reel is pressed and the number of the pressing plate is suitable.
6.Lubrication: all parts inspection of quality and quantity of oil, add or replace the lubricating oil according to the requirements.
7.Inspection of overhead crane sheave. Focus on the bottom wear is excessive or not, and whether there are cracks in cast iron pulley or not. For the pulley of the lifting mechanism pulley group, it is easy to be ignored because it does not move as usual. Therefore, must check turning its flexibility before the installation, otherwise, the length and the force of the wire rope and can not adjusted round automatically by the balance wheel in the installation, resulting in the difficulty of high-altitude adjustment of wire rope and operating risk.
8.Electrical: Check each limit switch is sensitive and reliable; Check the electrical action of electrical appliances are sensitive and reliable; Check the motor, the bell, wires are safe and reliable; Check the signal lamp is good.
9.Check the availability of overhead crane is loose coupling or even “roll key”. Check on the elastic rubber ring elastic pin coupling has no abnormal wear of gear coupling should pay special attention to the gear gear wear. By the installation of the accuracy of the axis between the two larger offset case, the performance for the entire time soon gear grinding bald. In the hoisting mechanism, if such a situation, prone to serious accidents.

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