The main components of the single girder EOT crane is the electric hoist. electric single girder crane has total six movement, while the electric hoist accounted for four, and the main motor to control the upper and lower movement of the electric hoist, so can be seen that the electric hoist is important in the electric single beam crane.The main overhead crane motor of the 5 tons rated lifting weight of single girder crane is 7.5KW , the improper use in the long-term use will sometimes damage the main motor, such as outdoor running without rainproof causing the motor short circuit; such as lack phase operation causing the motor burned; and such as motor wear causing rotor bearing damage and so on. In this case, we need to replace or remove the motor, how to remove the main motor of the electric cable hoist hanging on the crane?

The steps are as follows:
1.Preparation work, scaffolding or ladders, two lever hoists, other related tools;
2.After preparation, firstly cut off the power supply, and then remove the fire limit and the relevant power line, to ensure that without pulling in the process of the whereabouts of the motor;
3.The third step is to pull the pull gourd, this step is more critical, but also very easy to go wrong. The upper part of the motor generally has a lifting hook, and the handle is pulled by two hooks of the chain electric hoist. The problem is the motor has a long shaft extensed into the drum hoist, after you loosen the screws the electric motor is not easy to fall, if you can handle in the direction of main girder, can make the motor position move horizontally leaving the electric hoist and then decreased, so it is easy to take out the motor, can lower the motor with two manual hoist.


WOKAITE 0.25/0.4KW 4/6P 220V-440V 50/60Hz KDA030 Series crane duty motors specifications

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