Lifting height is the vertical distance from the ground to the highest lifting position. If the extraction device needs to fall to the below ground to work, the drop depth is the vertical distance between the location from the ground to the lowest position of the device. At this time, the total lifting height is the sum of the height above the ground and the depth below the ground.

The lifting height is chosen according to the operating requirements. Overhead gantry crane will generally limit the lift height to less than 20m. Because if more than 20m, it is necessary to use the special wire rope winding on the hoisting mechanism, or increase the size of the drum, so that the crane trolley layout is difficult, and increase the size of the crane limit. To the crane for loading operation, when determine the lifting height, should also consider the attachment of the spreader and the height of the vehicle, in order to ensure the crane can load the items of maximum height into the vehicle. The overhead gantry crane for ship loading and unloading should consider the influence of tidal fluctuation.


WOKAITE 1-10ton Single Girder Overhead Crane

The girder is U-shaped channel which be made of steel plate, then welded into box-shaped with I-beam. The crossbeam is also U-shaped channel, then welded into box-shaped crossbeam. The primary-side beam use the split-type structure, jointed by bolt, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The up, down and lateral movement of this machine is achieved by the electric hoist suspended from the girder.

WOKAITE single girder overhead gantry crane is a monorail travelling crane with MD1 and CD1 electric hoist. It can be used in machine manufacturing, assemble and install in storehouse. The capacity is 1-20T, span is 7.5m-22.5m, working condition temperature is -20℃- 40℃. It is made of electric hoist, metal structure bridge, crane travelling mechanism and electrical control system. This production has ground control, cab control and radio control to facilitate the consumer.

Lift capacity:

Min.: 1 t (1.1 us ton)
Max.: 10 t (11.02 us ton)


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