1.Can not eliminate the slip phenomenon of trolley. Some repair work that need frequent refueling to make electric trolley rolling on the I-steel track flexibly, in fact as long as put some ZG-3 calcium based grease on the wheel (once every 6 months). Too much oil on the track is easy to adsorb foreign body, leading to wheel slip, affect the normal use of electric chain block. When the trolley slips, it should be timely to remove the cover on the track, must not add oil to the track.
2.Improper handling of wire rope winding. Wire rope winding is one of the common faults of electrical chain block, when some maintenance personnel found this kind problem, try to continue to rotate the drum to loosen the wire rope, the result is to caused damage to the wire rope. The right way is to remove the rope guide first, rotate the drum to straighten out the wire rope, and then re install the rope guide.
3.Speed reducer run lack of oil. It will increase noise. When the speed reducer make abnormal noise, do not rush to disassemble, the HJ-50 mechanical oil should be injected into the hole of the upper part, and then observed running state, generally can eliminate noise. If the noise is still very large after refueling, you must remove the speed reducer, gear or replacement of bearings.
4.The “block” operational errors. In the use of electrical chain hoist, such as brake failure, weight quickly fall, should immediately press the up button, lift the weight for a distance, then press the down button, drop at normal speed, maintenance brake after discharge. Some operators confused when “block”, cause the object fall to the ground quickly.
5.Wire rope keep working despite worn out. Many companies only consider saving, ignoring safety, wire rope wear seriously still continue to use, increase the probability of break the rope, leading to accidents. Therefore, when the broken wire rope in a twist pitch more than 22 root, must replace the rope, strictly prohibited to continue to use.


WOKAITE CD1/MD1 Electric Cable Hoist


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