1.Tap: For the need of power grid operation of the explosion proof electric hoist, the general transformer high voltage side has the tap, can not fully guarantee the synchronous switching of tap changer, so the load voltage transformer can not be parallel operation.
2.Voltage transformer: the primary winding turns more than N1, the secondary winding turns less than N2, equivalent to a step-down transformer. When PT is working, the primary winding and the secondary winding are respectively connected with the voltage loop of the primary circuit and the two control loop in parallel. So if the secondary winding short circuit, it will lead to a very large two side current.
3.Hand cart / drawer: hand cart and drawer are part of the high voltage switch cabinet and low voltage switch cabinet. They are basically the same with the fixed switch cabinet, the main difference is the convenience of maintenance and repair.


WOKAITE explosion proof electric hoist

Explosive-proof grade:Ex de IIB T4 Gb (IP54)
Explosion-proof electric cabinet:Ex d IIB T4 Gb
Explosion-proof control button:Ex de IIB T4 Gb
Ex de IIB T4 Gb:
Ex : Explosion-proof mark
de: The main cavity is flameproof,second is increase safety,overall is complex explosion-proof structure.
II: For factory use
B: Flammable andexplosive gases is B gases
T4: Temperature grade
Temperature grade:T4 135℃
Classifiedexplosive gas:T4
Surface temperture100℃ ≤100℃

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