Recently there are some customers inquiry chain hoist block, but is not very clear described by the customer, and after communicating with customer patiently, we understand what customers want is the rotary hook on the manual hoist. About the doubts about the rotating hook and chain hoist block, following by WOKAITE explains the difference of the rotary hook and the manual chain fall for you.

The lever hoist is used for guiding the user to operate the gourd from any angle, so as to avoid the operation standard of the ordinary chain pully block which can not be oblique pulled, and leading to the user work in the dangerous area. The rotary hook relates to the internal design of the lifting hook of an arbitrary rotation angle when lifting heavy objects. For example, in the hoist lifting weights, sometimes the hook opening towards the west, and we tied rope weight is in the direction of east-west, then if the hook can not rotate, and the lifted goods is heavy, it will be very troublesome. The design of rotary hook is to avoid this situation.


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