The electric chain hoist which is most widely used light lifting equipment has the characteristics of repeated short run, frequent lifting, braking and reverse current, overload, multi metal dust and dust operating environment, strong vibration. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of electric hoist, as its main power source of the crane motor should have the following characteristics:

1.First, the electric hoist motor should have characteristics of stronger intermittent cycle working than the ordinary industrial motor, according to the load duration, the number of contacts and the number of times as an important parameter of motor selection.
2.Electric crane duty motor should have better lifting torque and overload capacity.
3.Electric hoist motor due to smaller rotor inertia, greater rotor length diameter ratio, less sight braking.
4.Electric hoist motor should have the maximum safe speed which is several times the rated speed, generally is about 2.5 times the synchronous speed.
5.Electric hoist motor should be adapted to different operating temperature and humidity, and should have 2 grade insulation at least.


WOKAITE Electrical Chain Block 15-25 Ton 3-phase 220v-690v power supply, 24v/36v/48v Control voltage

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