In process of electric hoist running in I-steel is prone to problems which is the object is swing, so how to solve this problem, let WOKAITE which is a china electric chain hoist manufacturer to answer your questions:
The running distance of chain electric hoist on the the end beam should not be too long, or install fixed device in the middle of the end beam. Do not lift the load on the side of the beam in operation.
When the lifting load is swing might hurt people and objects even fall to the ground, result in death or serious injury and other accidents. If the load is swing, the more powerful the swing, the
more difficult the operation of the trolley, accompanied by danger. Don’t sway the load in principle. Therefore, please observe the following operations.

1.Don’t pull hanging obliquely.
2.Move slowly when it moves laterally
3.Do not lift the load sharply.

When start and stop the transverse movement of electric chain hoist, even if obey the above operation rules, lifting load will still be a little sway. At this point, if you do the following, will
be able to reduce the amplitude of the shaking.

1.Press the button to traverse.
2.When the car starts to move, the load will be a little sluggish.
3.Turn off the key once the load is about to swing to the lowest position.
4.Wait until it swing back.
5.When the load back to the lowest position of the electric chain hoist, press the button again, so that in the state to move horizontally.

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