Low headroom hoist weight is generally 1 to 20 tons, lifting height of 3 to 100 meters. The performance and structure of low headroom electric hoist is advanced, small volume, light weight, reliable performance, convenient operation, wide application range.

Mainly used in the industries with lower height workshop, warehouse, shipbuilding, grinding tools, etc., and can be used for hoisting or loading and unloading goods, and can also be used for lifting work pieces or heavy objects for work or repair. Low headroom electric chain hoist operated by the operator with a button on the ground, also can use wire control and wireless remote control, and can also use a combination of hoisting and descending.

Low headroom electric hoist can be mounted on single beam electric double beam I-steel track, I-steel track, manually adjustable hanger, Longmen Longmen hanger, jib crane, wall hanging, cantilever crane and I-steel track curve fixed lifting point lifting.

Therefore low headroom electric hoist is essential to improve work efficiency and working conditions.

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