The use rate of electric chain block hoist in china is very high, there are a lot of people do not understand how it works, WOKAITE tell you the relationship between the components of electric hoist. First of all, in the process of production, the electric hoist can participate in the specific process operation, its basic structure is similar to that of the ordinary overhead electric hoist, but it also has a special working mechanism or device on the electric hoist. This kind of electric hoist is characterized by frequent use, bad condition and high working level. Four truss type structure is composed of four pieces of plane truss combined into a closed space structure, generally install the platen in the upper horizontal truss surface, light weight, high stiffness, manufacturing is complex and has less production. Truss structure is similar to bias rail box girder, composed of four pieces of steel plate to form a closed structure, in addition to the main web is a external beam, the remaining three steel plates cut into many windows according to design requirements, electric hoist capacity up to five hundred tons, up to 60 meters span. The structure of simple beam overhead EOT crane electric hoist is similar to that of ordinary overhead electric hoist. The main beam and the end beam are rigidly connected, with wheels at both ends, used to support electric hoist run on overhead beam. In the box structure can be divided into the normal box double beam, the deflection of the box girder, the deflection of the box girder, such as a single beam.


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