Winch and electric chain hoist as the most commonly used light lifting machinery, because of their convenient to maintenance and many other advantages is widely used in all aspects of industrial production. There is little difference from the appearance, perhaps can find some difference from the actual use process. We distinguish in detail from the operation mode, lifting height, lifting speed, appearance and other aspects.

1.From the view of operation mode, the electric hoist can shift around, while winch can only use fixed.
2.From the view of speed, the commonly used electric wire rope hoist lifting speed for 8M/ minutes, a slow mode winch can reach 10M/ minutes.
3.From the view of lifting height, electric cable hoist can usually lift to 6 ~ 12 meters, and the installation of wire rope is not convenient, the installation will bring a series of problems. The lifting height of winch depends on the capacity of the drum, 100 meters in general.
4.From the view of appearance, electric hoist has the advantages of small size, and used for I-shaped steel, while the size of winch is larger.
5.From the view of application, electric hoist can only be used for lifting, and winch can be used not only for lifting, but also for towing.

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