0.3-5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist For Sale

Features of WOKAITE 3 ton electric chain hoists for sale

1.Forged hook is strong enough,and can rotate 360 degree.
2.Safety factor of high strength alloy carburizing chain up to 9times.
3.Aviation plug makes electric trolley with the hoist connection more wonderful.
4.Wireless remote control can be assembled.
Power voltage: 220V-690V,dual voltage are available.50Hz are optional.
Control voltage: 24V,36V,48V are optional.


Reted capacity:250kgs to 50ton for single speed&dual speed
Power voltage: single voltage 220v-690v,50/60hz
Dual voltage 220v/440v,220v/380v,230v/460v

Control voltage:24v,36v,48v
Working group:M4,M5(ISO Standard) 1AM,2AM(FEM Standard)
Motor insulation: Class F
Portection: IP54 for hoist body,IP54 for push button control
Suspension types:hook,manual trolley,electric trolley
Working temperature:-20 to 40 (-4 to 104F)
Working humidity:85% RH or less

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WOKAITE 3 ton electric chain hoists for sale With Hook

0.3-5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist For Sale

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WOKAITE 3 ton electric chain hoists for sale With Electric Trolley 

0.3-5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist For Sale

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How to deal with 3 ton electric chain hoist motor overheating

Any machine has the cycle and time of operation, is not suitable for a long time continuous operation. Long time operation will cause mechanical damage and even accidents, but in general if the 3 ton electric chain hoist surface temperature is too high, we need to check what is the reason.

Firstly to check whether it is because the electric hoist weight is too large, beyond the 3 ton electric chain hoist rated weight. Overweight operation will make the motor over heating, overload for a long time will cause irreparable damage to the electric chain hoists for sale. Electric hoist motor is not overloaded, but still heating, should check whether the motor bearing damaged; Should also check whether the motor Work according to regulations, which is one of the reasons causing the motor heating.

When the electric hoist motor is running, brake clearance is too small, not completely disengaged, causing great friction, while the frictional heating is also equivalent to the additional load, the motor speed is reduced, then we should let the electric hoist cooling. Adjust the brake clearance before running the 3 ton electric chain hoist again. The use of electric hoist must always pay attention to the abnormal response of electric chain hoists for sale, in order to avoid accident.

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