Hoisting gear of working conditions of stress and bad high-speed and heavy-duty gear surface damage caused is the direct cause of, and by a suitable lubricant and lubrication method, to ensure good lubrication to gears, protection gear, extended service life purpose.
For hoists, correctly and timely lubrication is essential, since sliding surfaces under pressure, when in dry friction condition, damage can occur for a short time.

Good lubrication is able to absorb shocks and vibrations produced by gear and reduce gear noise;Prevent scuffing, bruise in the flank;Reduce the abrasion of tooth surfaces;Improve tooth surface of bearing capacity of relative importance.

Winch user, many of them do not understand the importance of lubrication failed lubrication sufficient attention to hoist, hoist lubricating oil, and does not meet the requirements.Scene hoist failure, there is poor lubrication causes the failure.


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