0.75-9ton HSH-D manual lever chain hoist

manual lever hoist,manual lever chain hoist

WOKAITE 0.75-9ton HSH-D manual lever chain hoist features

Forged and heat treated load hooks with batch taceability and stretch indicators.Drop-forted load hooks are free to rotate 360 degrees.
Simply select FREE on selector lever and pull the hook down.As long as the hoist is unloaded,the free chaining device serves quickly the right chain length in both directions.
SAFE.Not possible if load is applide!
Double pawl Brake system
MBL of 400% of WLL

HSH-D Series Chain Block Specifications

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Usage method
1.Select the appropriate size of the manual lever hoist to use, no overloading.
2.Do safety check and no-load test before using the manual lever chain hoist, according to the actual requirements of reasonable adjustment under the hook position.
3.Hook adjusting method: flipping a shifting block, the shifting block in the N position, anticlockwise pull out the hand wheel. At this time, the clutch is in open state, pull the chain can easily adjust the position of the hook, and after the end of the adjustment should be clockwise rotate the handwheel to ret.
4.After adjustment the weight hanging in the middle position under the hook, the handle can achieve weight lifting.

Maintenance method
1.After use the manual lever hoist  should be cleaned, and coated with rust proof grease, stored in a dry place.
2.The maintenance and repair should be carried out by the professional staff.
3.Gear installation according to the drawing operation.
4.When the groove type nut is installing, the hand wheel is rotated in a clockwise direction so that the ratchet wheel and the friction plate are pressed on the brake air seat, then install the groove type nut.
5.Manual lever chain hoist after cleaning inspection and maintenance, should carry out no-load and heavy load test, to confirm the normal work, automatic and reliable. The friction surface of the brake must be kept clean, no pollution of sewage sludge.


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