0.75-3.75KW 4-12P 220V-440V KDA0500 Series electric lift motor

WOKAITE KDA0500 Series electric lift motor

electric lift motor,chain motors for sale

Weight:112kg Lenght:60cm

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1.Preparation before installation.
Before taking the motor out of the box should check the packaging is intact, the wetting phenomenon, after opening the cover should be carefully remove dust and rust layer of chain motors for sale, carefully check the deformation and damage in the transport process, whether fasteners is loose or fall off, the rotor rotation is flexible or not, whether the data of nameplate meets the requirements, and use 500VMQ meter measuring high resistance, insulation resistance should not be less than 1MQ otherwise should deal with winding drying processing, but the processing temperature does not exceed the J-20 DEG C.

2.Electric lift motor installation site and installation foundation: Motor installation site altitude should not exceed 100m; General purpose motor installation site should be dry, clean, well ventilated, and other equipment to keep a certain distance, in order to check, monitor and cleaning, environmental temperature below 40 DEG C and prevent the intense radiation. The installation foundation must be strong, strong, with a certain degree of rigidity, the installation surface should be smooth, in order to ensure the balance of motor operation.

3.Motor wiring:
Motor should be properly grounded, junction box and frame casing with grounding device, when necessary can also make use of the motor feet or the flange disc fastening bolt grounding, in order to ensure the safe operation of the chain motors for sale.

4.Coupling of motor and mechanical load: The motor can be used for coupling, the positive tooth shaft or the belt is connected with the load machine, and the fan end of the double shaft extension motor only permits the use of a shaft coupling transmission. When the coupling is connected, the center line of the electric lift motor is coincident with the center line of the load machine, so as to avoid the strong vibration of the motor and the abnormal sound of the motor in the moving line. The installation deviation of the device is as follows: 2 pole motor allowable deviation 0.015mm, 4, 6, 8 pole motor deviation 0.04mm. The chain motors for sale which is vertical installed, shaft extension only allows the use of coupling and mechanical load connection.

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